Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have been teasing the follow up to 2013's self titled release for ages now - back at the end of 2015 they promised to "re-dominate your mind hole"; in September 2016 they stated that they meant "2017". Last month MGMT revealed work was almost complete on the record.

Now on Instagram the band have unveiled a snippet of fresh noise with the caption: "We want you to be excited. Here’s a ‘making of’ teaser video by @avidmacnutt to wet your whistles with audio visual scraps from the germination of the forthcoming album LITTLE DARK AGE."

MGMT have already performed a bunch of music at a recent show, with tracks such as "Little Dark Age", "James", "Me And Michael", and "When You Die" getting airings.

As well as the title, MGMT have confirmed that the album is coming out this year in a newsletter to fans.

"This is definitely us, MGMT (band)," reads the message. "...we are right here in your emails to announce personally and succinctly, to you, and you alone, as well as to all those receiving this email, that, in this the year 2017, this auspicious year, we (MGMT) are genuinely excited to tell you of our imminent and immediate return to the world and the top of the stage. In other words - we are RETURNING" Incredibly soon we will get back up on the horse of live music in Memphis, TN... and from atop this great horse we will play old songs and new songs. New songs from our new album that you will newly hear this year!"

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