93 'Til Infinity is, according to The Associated Press, a "combination memoir-DJ study-New York celebration" that's due for release in 2023.

In a statement, Ronson said of his book, "Before smartphones hit the dancefloor and bottle service & VIP banquettes shrunk the club, in the 90’s people stayed all night in the same place to dance, hustle, politic, and party like no one was watching — ascending hip hop moguls, artists, hustlers, models, posers, dancers and hard-working 9 to 5’ers all rubbing shoulders with each other."

He added, "At that moment, New York was still the center of the music game and in the land of Biggie, Wu-Tang and Tribe, we celebrated them every night. More importantly, this era also happened to be the most exciting time in my life."

Last year Ronson released his Watch the Sound documentary series. His latest album was 2019's Late Night Feelings.

Mark Ronson's 93 'Til Infinity book is expected to arrive in 2023 via Grand Central Publishing.