For the academic year 2022-2023, Lupe Fiasco will be making Cambridge, Massachusetts his home after being announced for the MIT's MLK Visiting Professors programme.

After being a visiting artist with MIT’s Center for Art, Science & Technology last year, Lupe Fiasco will begin his role at MIT on 1 July, and is due to teach a course on rap in spring 2023.

On Twitter, Lupe Fiasco wrote, "I been holding this for a while. I’ll put together something more sophisticated later that really captures the nuance and gravity but for now I’ll just say it straight and raw: I’m going to teach Rap at MIT."

The rapper, real name Wasalu Jaco, said in a statement, "MIT stands as the pinnacle of higher learning and execution for so many, including myself. I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to be in the midst of some of the world’s greatest minds to offer my humble perspective and absorb new practices and principles."

Lupe Fiasco will release his new album Drill Music in Zion on 24 June.