January saw the announcement that the acclaimed pairing would be parting ways for a brief hiatus to pursue other creative endeavours - it also saw the unveiling of Plapinger's first out as LPX with self-proclaimed "pantone punk" offering "Tightrope" kicking things off with a technicolour bang.

Today Plapinger returns with "Tremble", the second taste of her eagerly anticipated debut release. Plapinger's vocals are still raw and emotive as she hurtles her way through the lyrics, channeling her late-night anger into the track showing a more vulnerable side to the project.

Written at an infamous Neon Gold writing camp in Nicaragua together with Joe Janiak and James Flannigan, "Tremble" finally took shape. Speaking to us she explains: "I think it's the best song I've written since 'Hurricane'", the track which was MS MR's original breakthrough moment.

It's on the instantly infectious bridge on which Plapinger chants the complete earworm "you should be picking me up in this battle / should be picking me up in this battle / but I'm down..." - the second time it comes around with grander instrumentation following the final chorus is a real treat.

"I'm not sure I've ever written or sung from a more honest or vulnerable place - both emotionally and physically - and somehow been able to articulate exactly how I felt without hiding behind something more abstract," Plapinger says of the new track. "I'm direct and naked in 'Tremble' in a way I often shy away from. I think it's a powerful pop song with some of my best melodies to date and certainly my strongest vocal performance where I was able to earnestly inject and live all the truth that inspired it and I felt in that moment"

This rawer, more hard-hitting form of Plapinger poses an exciting prospect when she decides its time to air the new material live.

"Tremble" is out now.