The track is the second to be shared from recently announced debut LP Ojalá - it's the follow up to lead single "The Places We've Been".

"'Frenzy, Fear' was recorded in January this year," explains Raymonde. "I thought I was close to finishing the album and decided I wanted to do some ambient piano and guitar pieces for a possible bonus disc, to show a different side to Lost Horizons. Warren Ellis of the Bad Seeds/Dirty Three told me about this wonderful piano in a small studio just outside Brighton where I live, where he and Nick Cave work a lot, and I took two days there with no ideas or tunes, just improvising and recording everything, warts and all. When I got home and listened back, these seemed more like proper songs than just noodlings, so the minute I started imaginging vocals I thought of Hilang Child (Ed Riman) as his voice is simply exquisite, and I knew he would get the vibe and the mood. What he did exceeded all my expectations..."

Ojalá features a large cast of guest contributors, including Marissa Nadler, Tim Smith (Midliake), Cameron Neil (Horse Thief), Sharon Van Etten, Hilang Child, Leila Moss (The Duke Spirit), and more.


  1. Bones
  2. The Places We’ve Been
  3. Amber Sky
  4. Asphyxia
  5. Reckless
  6. She Led Me Away
  7. Frenzy, Fear
  8. The Tide
  9. I Saw The Days Go By
  10. Give Your Heart Away
  11. Score The Sky
  12. Life Inside A Paradox
  13. The Engine
  14. Winter’s Approaching
  15. Stampede
Ojalá is out 3 November via Bella Union.