This morning (22 October), Lily Allen unveiled news of her new sex toy. The Liberty sex toy was made after Allen gave Womanizer a shout out in her My Thoughts Exactly memoir back in 2018.

Allen has since joined Womanizer as their Chief Liberation Officer, and is leading their #IMasturbate campaign that aims to raise awareness on sex positivity and female masturbation.

Speaking about her decision to create the sex toy, Allen said, "Sex toys are still seen as a taboo subject because they are related to masturbation and female pleasure. Female pleasure in itself is a taboo subject. The only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly, frequently and without shame or guilt."

Allen wrote on Twitter today, "Women shouldn't be ashamed of their sexuality, and we all deserve to own our pleasure. Hopefully this little toy will help you do that!"

Lily Allen's Liberty Womanizer sex toy is out now. Last week it was confirmed that Lily Allen will appear on BENEE's debut album Hey u x.