Forward-thinking liberal rapper, and self-proclaimed ‘Based God’, Lil B has offered his support to Texas Senator Wendy Davis, who this week blocked the state’s severe anti-abortion proposals.

On hearing the news, Lil B – who was playing a show in the Netherlands at the time – took to Twitter to applaud Davis’ actions, writing: ”SHOUT OUT TO WENDY DAVIS STAY #BASED AND POSITIVE!”

He later gave an extensive interview to Rolling Stone, discussing his thoughts on the matter and women’s rights at large. ”I support women’s rights. I don’t talk about it a lot, but it’s definitely something that hits close to home for me,” he begins before adding: ”I support Wendy Davis, and I stand with her. When it’s a bunch of men voting on women’s rights, I don’t know. How can a man really understand that? I’m not going to feel a woman’s pain and what she goes through. Observing from my perspective, and seeing what I see, I think women should definitely have full control over their bodies.”

Lil B has previously released an album entitled I’m Gay in order to tackle the stigma of certain words in the rap world.

[via Pitchfork]