Stripping "King" of its dance-pop electronics, and "The Zephyr Song" of it's rock tint, Doggett creates something sleek and distinctly hers.

Speaking about her medley, Doggett says: 

"The Years & Years shows were so much fun; Heaven is a really cool venue and the audiences on both nights were ready to have a good time and welcomed me warmly. When covering 'King', I chose to mash it up with 'Zephyr Song' by Red Hot Chili Peppers because both, to me, speak of addiction and the longing to be free. What they really mean, I do not know - but I was inspired by the lyrics of both. 'Don't you remember how I used to like being on the line/I am a king under your control' (King - Years & Years) & 'Picking up, but not too strong for you/ Take a piece and pass it on/What a night to fly my kite on' - (RHCP- The Zephyr Song). Together they make awesome sense and I love doing mashups - it's a challenge to combine the stories of two songs."

Listen to the mashup below.