"Dear Soulmate" will appear on Everything I Know About Love with last month's "Fragile" and the April title-track "Everything I Know About Love", and is, in Laufey's own words, "a song that I wrote for my future soulmate."

Laufey adds, "I’m fascinated by the idea of my soulmate walking around somewhere out there and maybe I know them, maybe I don’t. I wanted to create a timeless sound with classical inspired melodies and instrumentation."

Everything I Know About Love will be Laufey's first collection of tracks since last year's Typical of Me EP. Laufey plays cello on over half of the songs on the record, and also co-produced every track with Leroy Clampitt and Spencer Stewart.

Laufey said of the album last month, "It’s about dealing with growing-up. It’s also very ‘hopeless romantic'. All the songs are based on my personal experiences in the past years, but the way I write about them is like fiction. A lot of these things that we go through in life are a little difficult or bleak, and I try to create magic out of those moments, whether it’s heartbreak, or having a crush on someone, or never having been in love."

"Dear Soulmate" is out now. Laufey's debut album Everything I Know About Love will land via AWAL Recordings on 26 August.