“Never Say A” was the emphatic first step from the duo late last year. The rousing jazz-infused jewel got its release via Su Tissue (Jenny Hval, Farao), with mixing from Tom Carmichael (Courtney Barnett, Chance The Rapper), and mastering by Matt Colton (James Blake, Flume) - there’s a definite pedigree here. The tune rushes into your ears with aplomb, abandoning any sign of its bedroom-pop beginnings with lush grace. Duelling harmonies flutter through the airwaves; brass spars with piano and synth-pop charm. Konradsen are readymade and “Never Say A” sounds like an overture of their oeuvre, teasing what the future so tantalisingly holds for the rest of us.

Check it out below, and read the band's Q&A afterwards.

Could you introduce yourselves for us please?
We are Konradsen, a Norwegian band currently living in Oslo.

What do you try to do with your music and how do you achieve this?
We try to create a universe that you can sink into and feel good about. Hopefully we achieve this by believing in the music.

Can you tell us what musical and non-musical influences have shaped your sound?
There are so many influences. You can meet people and hear music every day that inspires you. But of course there are musicians we look up to and find inspiring for a lifetime. Nina Simone, Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon and Chassol to mention a few. We also have some great people around us that contributes to the sound. You can hear some of them sampled on the record, telling about something important to them or laughing their heads off. It brings a certain community feeling to the sound.

What should people expect from your Five Day Forecast show?
On stage it will be just the two of us. We will try to capture the small moments and give people a doorway into our music: the sounds, the nuances. It will hopefully be dreamy and moving.

What are you working on now/next?
Our album. We’re actually heading to Margate to finish the mix right after the Five Day Forecast.

How is 2019 shaping up? What are you looking forward to thisyear?
2018 was an exciting and hectic year. We spent a lot of time recording which has been really great. But it will be nice to travel and play more shows in 2019. And of course release the stuff we recorded.

Konradsen plays our new music festival on 15 January with Malena Zavela, Brooke Bentham, and Squirrel Flower at The Lexington, London. Tickets are on sale now.