"London had a large influence on the creation of 'Virtue' so it made sense for us to get the video made whilst we were over there," says Kllo's Chloe Kaul. "It was our first headline tour through the UK, whilst in the midst of writing our debut album, so it was a special time for us. We were lucky enough to finish the album in the London summer, learning more about the city, the people and the culture. We made a lot of new friends over there. We put this together with the first friends we made in London, mostly shot on their rooftop. It was a lot of fun."

Kllo head to Europe this autumn for a string of dates, with shows in London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Nottingham confirmed. Find out more.


  1. Downfall
  2. Still Motion
  3. Virtue
  4. Predicament
  5. Last Yearn
  6. Backwater
  7. Dissolve
  8. By Your Side
  9. Making Distractions
  10. Too Fast
  11. Nylon
  12. Not Like Them
Backwater is out 20 October via Different Recordings.