“You ain’t got no fuckin’ Yeezy in your Serato?” As well as being non radio-friendly, Kanye West’s new album – Yeezus – is pretty much made to clear dancefloors. Believe us, we’ve tried it and it didn’t go down so well.

But sometimes when you’ve been listening to an album all week, you find yourself in a club on the weekend and that’s all you want to continue listening to. Heck, even Kanye West wants to listen to Kanye West sometimes.

And so, this has led to Soundcloud producer after Soundcloud producer striving all hours of the night to make Kanye the best song in the club since ‘In Da Club’. We’ve already had Depeche Mode and Kanye mash-ups and now here’s probably the best Yeezus remix we’ve heard so far – by Mistermike of the record’s most infamous track, ‘I Am A God’.

As the producer himself says: “I said fuck the Jesus lyrics and focused more on the amazing Reggae sample ‘Inna Dem Jeans’ by Capleton that was used.”

Take a listen to it beneath: