A new conspiracy theory idea posited by radio host Snowcone has some intriguing points that swirl around Ye confidant Tremaine Emory, artists Joseph Beuys and David Hammons, and comedian and serial hoaxer Andy Kaufman - read it here for the full details. Pigeons & Planes has a good piece to check out too.

It's certainly a wild ride, but is it all just one reach too far? Are we that desperate to believe Kanye hasn't gone full MAGA and that his woefully misguided slavery comments were never meant to be taken seriously? How does that jarringly insightfuly Charlemagne chat fit into this?

The saga's been rumbling steadily for a while now - in the last few weeks Kanye's dropped a total troll song, unveiled a political debate set to music, riled his new MAGA pals with a haircut honouring his "hero" Emma Gonzalez, met with right-wing talking head Candace Owens, forgot about basic history lessons, and been used to sell racist merch. Jan Adams, the surgeon who operated on Kanye's mother Donda before her death, also issued a new open letter.

People have been pretty surprised by his actions, including close friends like John Legend and Chance The Rapper, and even his own wife - Kim Kardashian.

It's been a long slog for Kanye fans - there are a million and one things to dive into if you've managed to avoid the whole situation thus far - but it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg, especially if Trump and his cabal need him for another photo op.

Or maybe he'll vanish again once the new albums and philosophy book are released?