The track, "Falling From The Sky", featuring Band Of Horses' Ben Bridwell, features on Calexico's latest record, Edge Of The Sun.

Mikel Cee Karlsson directed the clip. Speaking about the visuals, he said:

“The idea for this video has been lingering for a while, ever since I saw Albin Karlsson and Björn Renner´s worm-like creation made for a show at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. In original form, the "worm" was strictly covered in black leather. But I wanted to make it more like a living thing, like an evolutionary side step, a creature that is stuck in its codependency and has rather few possibilities in this world but still has the capacity to dream of better things.
I also had the idea that I wanted to make a two-part video on the same story and tell it from two different perspectives. When I heard Calexico´s "Falling from the sky" I felt that I heard the perspective of the creature, or rather the perspective of anyone who find themselves in a similar mindset or situation.”

See if you can spot Ben Stiller's cameo.

Edge Of The Sun is out now via City Slang.

Watch the video below.