Obsidian follows Jónsi's 2020 album Shiver, and coincides with his new solo exhibition in New York, also titled Obsidian.

The album is co-produced and mixed by Paul Corley, and both the album and exhibition are inspired by the recent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, which prevented Jónsi from travelling back to his homeland.

Jónsi's exhibition featuures two new sound installations and a series of sculptural works made from resin and obsidian glass.


  1. Vikur
  2. Ambrox
  3. Kvika
  4. Pyralone
  5. Obsidian
  6. Cypriol
  7. Eyja
  8. Öskufall
  9. Vetiverol
  10. Hedione
Jónsi's Obsidian album is out now, and the exhibition of the same name is open from today (30 October) until 17 December at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York City.