"Unus mundus" is the second track to be revealed from Henosis, after last month's lead single "Into The Dark Blue".

Offering some words on the new track, Beving says, "The term "Unus Mundus" describes the concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns".

The minimal composer's forthcoming Henosis record spans 22 tracks, building from the calm, piano-led singles shared so far to more experimental, synth-fuelled explorations. It will be the final chapter of his trilogy of albums, after last year's Conatus, and 2017's Prehension.

On his upcoming album, Beving explains, "This is my journey, and my search for understanding".

He adds, "I believe that the answers are much more on the inside. So this journey, in a way, is also an internal one. My hope is to give people a space to be in for a couple of minutes or hours where they feel things just seem to be right, like a recognition that they’re understood or that they can just be".

"Unus mundus" is out now. Henosis arrives 5 April via Deutsche Grammophon. Joep Beving will play London's EartH on 6 March as part of his European tour. Find out more.