Newsom's label Drag City have uploaded the lyric video for "Make Hay" to YouTube - with a curious blurb alongside it:

Joanna Newsom friends and faithful, we wish you a happy first AnniDIVERSary! The standard gift for the occasion is a timepiece, but watch out - here’s a piece of time out of time that you’ll never not have back again! Recorded for the “Divers” album, this represents the rarest of all birds: an actual unreleased outtake recorded at a Joanna Newsom session.

“Make Hay” is for the divers and the delvers to divine — is it just another piece or the missing one? Only (your) time will tell.

Second AnniDIVERSary gift is China — start digging now!

Is this a hint that there's more unreleased music on the way? Or just a bit of cryptic waffle?