Ware released What’s Your Pleasure? in June last year, and last month Ware asked fans on Instagram what they thought about Ware releasing a deluxe edition of her latest album, and later confirmed she was working on the deluxe edition via Twitter.

In a new interview with The Official Charts Company, Ware has discussed the deluxe edition of What’s Your Pleasure?, revealing that she'll be giving more than just three remixes. Ware said, "I had so many songs that didn’t make the record… but that doesn’t mean they’re not good! I wrote maybe 40 or 50 songs. I know that my next record is not going to be the same as What’s Your Pleasure? so when I listened to them, it felt maddening that I had all these brilliant songs that I couldn’t [originally] put on the record. They fit so well in this What’s Your Pleasure? world so it made sense to keep them for this rather than to make another record."

Ware continued, "So there’s some songs that didn’t make the record because I needed to tell the right story with What’s Your Pleasure? and now actually, weirdly, the deluxe has created this new story and the new songs work really well together which is exciting. I think that if my fans liked What’s Your Pleasure?, this will keep them dancing a bit longer."

She was also asked about a potential collaboration with Kylie Minogue after Minogue appeared on an episode of Ware's Table Manners podcast last year. Ware said, "I’m working with her. It’s happening. Maybe we wouldn’t have thought to work together if we hadn’t had made similar albums? We hit it off over a halibut. Christmas cards and everything!"

Jessie Ware is yet to announce a release date for the deluxe edition of What’s Your Pleasure?.