After being criticised for using the word "tranny" while recalling a night out with friends on an episode of Mo Gilligan's podcast (which has since been deleted), Jess Glynne has shared a lengthy apology via her socials, revealing that she's "wholeheartedly sorry".

Glynne wrote in her apology posted to Instagram earlier today (8 March), "Firstly, I want to say that I am wholeheartedly sorry. I know that in this case, sorry is not nearly enough, throughout my life I have made a lot of mistakes and what I have come to know is that the only benefit to making one is to learn from it. I didn’t want to simply put out a PR apology on social media because I know that I have caused offence and pain to a community that I love and have always wanted to support. To be in the knowledge that I have negatively impacted the community through my own ignorance has ripped out a piece of my heart. I know I needed to address my mistake head on and educate myself about an issue I was frankly ignorant of."

She added that the use of the word "was unacceptable", and revealed she had been talking with transgender model Danielle St James "who has educated me about the power of that word and hoow it has been historically used as a weapon against so many."

Glynne continued, "I hope by using my platform to apologise I can also start the conversation and others may benefit from being educated by braver souls than myself, I know that with a platform of my size, I have a responsibility to host the voices of many, over the coming weeks and beyond, I will be lending my platforms to voices of the comunity and I look forward to continuing my education on these issues."