The Algerian Tuareg ensemble are following up lead single "Azzaman" with an intricate jam threaded through with feral guitar lines and rippling percussion - it's an all-encompassing outing with psychedelic twinges that grabs you by the lapels and drags you into a trance.

"Ehad Wa Dagh"'s accompanying visuals were filmed in a Parisian club and directed by Visions Particulières, with shots of their Saharan/Algerian home woven throughout.

The group recently shared a live rendition of album cut "Tamudre" taken from new Vincent Moon documentary Children Of Tam. The doc itself is being premiered next month at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival.

Imarhan are set to play a string of European shows in March, with a date at London's Moth Club confirmed. Find out more.


  1. Azzaman
  2. Tamudre
  3. Ehad Wa Dagh
  4. Alwa
  5. Imuhagh
  6. Tumast
  7. Tarha Nam
  8. Tochal
  9. Zinizjumegh
  10. Ma S-Abok
Temet is released 23 February 2018 via City Slang.