This new track joins up with "Komdu Með" to preview the concept record. Högni's coo is clearer than before, writhing through a rippling bed of strings and electronics - gone are ecclesiastical flourishes and in their stead are techno waves, pulsing and fizzing away. It's a heady mesh of synthetic and organic styles that grows gradually into an abyssal club banger. Högni is a master of contrasts here.

"Through the thumping percussive accents and lamenting strings, the story envisions a catastrophic event in which a man is liberated from distress and affronts death as a passage," explains Högni. "A suicidal musical incline."


  1. Andaðu
  2. Shed Your Skin
  3. Komdu Með
  4. Crash
  5. Dragðu Mig
  6. Óveðursský
  7. Break Up
  8. Moon Pitcher
  9. Parallel
  10. Enn Næða Orð
Two Trains is released 20 October via Erased Tapes.