Discovering Pink Floyd and working behind-the-scenes on some of the '60s and '70s most seminal LPs has given Boyd a bevy of experience to draw from when choosing his picks from Peel's collection. He delves deep into Peel's trove, picking out some well-known classics and hidden gems, all of which are littered with John Peel's touch. 

The mission behind the curators, all chosen by Peel's family and The John Peel Centre for their relevance to the new music champion, was that "They are invited to explore the collection and pick out a box of records, listen to them, talk about their memories or just respond to the music." 

The Record Boxes includes online images of the file cards, liner notes and recordings of Peel's own records, in whatever condition they may be. It's about as close to the holy grail as we'll get.

You can watch a documentary of Boyd's time in the archives, as he recalls memories and tells tales of his time in the industry, of particular records, and of musical history as a whole.

View Joe Boyd's Record Box here.