The Nashville multi-instrumentalist is following up last year's Sudden Feeling album with a five-track release.

Last month HalfNoise played the final night of our new music festival The Five Day Forecast on a bill that also featured Harlea, Bossy Love, and Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon.

Speaking to us about his project last year, Farro said: "I try to make people happy and full of good vibes. I also like to write songs about personal experiences in hope people will connect to it as well as have a good time while listening."

The Velvet Face was recorded at Pioneer Sound and co-produced with Daniel James.

Farro has also recently rejoined his old outfit Paramore.


  1. Scooby’s In The Back
  2. French Class
  3. As U Wave
  4. Someday
  5. Velvet Face
The Velvet Face EP is out on 24 March via Congrats.