"Shadow in the Frame" is Rossen's first solo single since 2018's "Deerslayer", and arrives alongside news of Rossen's debut solo album You Belong There.

Rossen formed the songs on You Belong There at his home in Santa Fe, and performed nearly all of the parts on the album himself, aside from "Tangle", which features contributions from Grizzly Bear bandmate Chris Bear.


  1. It's a Passage
  2. Shadow in the Frame
  3. You Belong There
  4. Unpeopled Space
  5. Celia
  6. Tangle
  7. I'll Wait For Your Visit
  8. Keeper and Kin
  9. The Last One
  10. Repeat the Pattern
"Shadow in the Frame" is out now. Daniel Rossen's You Belong There album will land via Warp Records on 8 April, and is available to pre-order now.