The art and music event, titled Undercurrent, was announced earlier this week, and was, according to the video description, "created to inspire positive impact around the Climate Crisis."

Undercurrent will include original audiovisual art installations from musicians including Grimes, Jorja Smith, Bon Iver, Khruangbin, Miguel, Actress, Aluna, Jayda G, Mount Kimbie, Nosaj Thing and more.

Grimes revealed on socials yesterday (14 July) that her project is called A.I. Meditations. She wrote, "If we don’t protect the environment the future of consciousness will be artificial, not biological. Would mental health and wellness even be relevant in a world where emotions aren’t an evolutionary advantage? A.I. Meditations were created by a generative language program that was provided with meditations made by humans and, based on those models, created its own meditations without the guiding aid of human emotion. Personally, I find beauty in this work, but it represents a distinct artistic shift from things written by humans. This work isn’t critical of A.I., but rather a neutral depiction of what the wellness landscape might look like without us."

According to Variety, the artists' work will raise focus on non-profit organisations Kiss the Ground, Ocean Conservancy and Global Forest Generation.

The exhibition will include 60,000 square ft of installations for audiences to explore, as well as sustainable food and drink and special programming.

Undercurrent will open in Brooklyn on 9 September. Buy tickets and find out more at