It's been over two decades since the formation of the group, which is represented by a series of animated characters, and today (26 May) Gorillaz have announced that they'll be releasing an annual, which will be published in partnership with the renowned Z2 Comics later this year.

The book will be spread across over 120 pages, and will feature exclusive artwork, puzzles and games, and appearances from a variety of Gorillaz collaborators.

Z2 publisher Josh Frankel says of the release, "Every fan of comics and animation has dreamed of seeing the Gorillaz make their comic book debut, with the Z2 team chief among them. The artwork, the music and the mythos all add up to what is destined to be one of our most buzzed about releases in history, and when fans see just what we have planned, I know everyone will agree it was well worth the wait."

The Gorillaz Almanac book is scheduled for release in October, and is available to pre-order now.