Derwin Dicker, better known as Gold Panda, has released a sample-led album Jag Trax under his new name DJ Jenifa. On the new name, he explains, "The name is from a De La Soul track from 3 Feet High and Rising called "Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s revenge)". Plus I’ve always been into that album, That album is a sample heavy record, and this too is done in a hip hop spirit, I suppose."

The nine new tracks are his first since releasing On Reflection last year as Selling with Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw.

Gold Panda's last solo album was 2016's Good Luck and Do Your Best.

On the new project, Dicker says, "When I did the last record in 2015, I made a track for a laugh. I make lots of tracks just for me, I suppose. I made a track about Chelmsford, where I was living at the time. It was about going out there in a white shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes which is like a dress code you need to get into clubs 'cos you can’t go in with a hoody. I say ‘clubs’ I mean like, an O’Neils or some kind of Wetherspoons-style nightspot which is open till 3am. Those kind of places that exist in suburbia."

Speaking about the title, he says, "It’s called Jag Trax because I bought an old 2003 S-Type Jaguar. It's kind of like driving a luxury armchair. I bought it from my neighbour. I would make these tracks that I could just play loud in the Jag, like when I was driving to [producer] Luke Abbott’s studio to mix "Good Luck And Do Your Best". They were songs that I could just bang out on the motorway and make the journey go quicker."


  1. Dresscode
  2. Tuesday
  3. Trainfilters2
  4. MLL
  5. Whocares808_7B
  6. ES1A31Flora
  7. Whyileft122
  8. TuesdaySTRINGSMIX
  9. Neverlearn
DJ Jenifa's Jag Trax album is out now.