The teaming up of classical-inspired pop artist Fyfe and pop-leaning ensemble Iskra Strings makes for an invigorating listen. It's glitchy, buoyant, and stuffed with R&B hooks and Kanye-esque howls, and serves as our intro to their upcoming short-player EP1.

"The whole project was recorded in one space - my production room - which adds an element of sonic and emotional consistency that I really enjoy hearing in records," says Fyfe. "It’s one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on to date."

"Having spent the last few years making records alone, working with James helped to open my eyes to the power of collaboration" Fyfe continues. "Reacting in real-time to someone else’s approach to harmony, melody, and structure meant there was a real momentum when developing ideas together and a definite release from creative self-consciousness."

Fyfe is following up last year's second LP The Space Between with this new project. Iskra Strings - "a loose collective" led by James Underwood - have worked with a huge list of names over the years, and already count the likes of Vampire Weekend, The xx, Ólafur Arnalds, and Sufjan Stevens as collaborators. The two acts have worked together a number of times, and Fyfe sampled the group on his 2016 single "Better Man".

"Hold Us Down" is out now. EP1 is expected 20 April via Benvolio Music.