17 artists are announced today for the Reykjavík festival, which runs from 1-5 November 2017:

  • Arab Strap
  • Ásgeir
  • Auður
  • Be Charlotte
  • Soffía Björg
  • Benjamin Clementine
  • Emmsjé Gauti
  • GKR
  • Glowie
  • GURR
  • Hatari
  • Hugar
  • Daniel OG
  • Kelly Lee Owens
  • RuGl
  • Emilíana Torrini & The Colorist
  • Xylouris White

Ásgeir will play an exclusive show at Eldborg, Harpa.

The event is expanding this year, with music also taking place in Akureyri, the bustling capital of Northern Iceland, for the first time. On 2-3 November, 25 artists from the Reykjavík line-up will play in Akureyri, along with plenty of off-venue bands.

Tickets will be available for the whole four day Reykjavík festival (£123.50/17,900 ISK) or the two day Akureyri festival (£61.50/ 8,900 ISK), or as a combination of the two, attending 2- 3 November at Akureyri then flying to Reykjavík for the 4 - 5 November (£110/ 15,900 ISK).

Earlybird tickets are now on sale. Find out more about the festival at icelandairwaves.is.