Last Friday (27 September), a new clip of Fiona Apple appeared online, in which she asks Lil Nas X about his use of her song "Every Single Night" in his 2018 single "Kim Jong".

She says in the clip, "One thing that the lovely Rachel Handler didn’t mention that I did say in the [Vulture] interview which I would just like to say now is that Lil Nas X - you’re probably really great, but you used my song "Every Single Night", too. You sampled that song, too, in a song called "Kim Jong Un", I think. And, um, hey - where’s my money, you cute little guy? Where’s my money?"

After announcing that he will be taking some time off after "a wild last seven months" last Friday (27 September), Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter last night (29 September), "me & Fiona Apple should do something together for my album."

Yesterday (30 September), Fiona Apple responded to Lil Nas X's invitation to collaborate in a new video. She says, "My friend Zelda just told me that Lil Nas X tweeted that you would like to do something with me? I would love that! This is such a good ending to this little story. I would love that. I would love that. OK. I’m not going on social media anymore, by the way, so I’ll get in touch with you personally. Bye."

Last week a rare interview with Fiona Apple was published by Vulture, in which she says she hopes to release a new album by early next year.