Noel Gallagher recently shared his opinions on face masks in the pandemic while speaking on the Matt Morgan podcast, calling them "pointless" and saying he chooses "not to wear one".

His comments provoked Jedward to respond on Twitter, who wrote, "You seem really angry maybe wear a mask. Lockdown and the Pandemic has been intense on us all but after hearing this interview are you OK?" They also shared remixed lyrics for "Wonderwall", and signed off the tweet as Jedward and Liam Gallagher.

Last night (15 September), Field Music also shared a response to Noel Gallagher's comments, this time putting it into a parody song that sees David Brewis of the band sing, "Oh Noel / It's not about whether you catch it / You stupid knob / It's more about if you've got it / Asymptomatically / And you pass it on / To somebody who dies / You stupid shit."

A Twitter user commented on the song, writing, "Kinda disappointed it wasn't also dedicated to Ian Brown." Brewis responded, "I've never tried a Stone Roses parody but there's still time."

Field Music released their latest album Making A New World in January.