"Library" is the second song to be shared from the group's forthcoming EP, after their April lead single "Peace & Quiet".

Frontman George Haverson says of the track, ""Library" was the product of our 'slow ramones' period when writing in lockdown. I achieved a relatively high reading level at primary school - impressed?? ..so I've felt the sting of a late book fee quite a few times. This is my ode to libraries everywhere, return your books."

their upcoming Walking Machine EP, which will be their first collection of tracks since their 2019 debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham.

The band describe their new direction as Crease Pop. Haverson explains, "It’s taking the pop music formula - hooky choruses, nothing too self-indulgent - but it’s still got a bit of edge. With Indie music, there’s an element where it can get quite soft and it’s quite easy to go through that phase where you think you sound like The Beach Boys, but we’ve come off the end of that where we want to be a bit grittier."

"Library" is out now. FEET's Walking Machine EP will land digitally on 6 August and physically on 13 September via Nice Swan Records, and is available to pre-order now. They're due to play London's Oslo on 21 August. Find out more.