It's nearly been a month since the release of Del Rey's Chemtrails Over The Country Club album, and over the weekend she shared a new selfie with the words "Blue Banisters" beneath the image on Instagram.

Fans have been speculating that it could be a new track title, as Del Rey did announce just hours after her last album that a new record titled Rock Candy Sweet landing on 1 June.

Although there's no confirmation as to what "Blue Banisters" is, the theory does seem likely considering Rock Candy Sweet is due to arrive in just a few weeks.

Last month Del Rey revealed in a since-deleted Instagram post that she will "continue to challenge" topics including "cultural appropriation and glamourising domestic abuse" on Rock Candy Sweet.

Lana Del Rey is yet to provide more details on "Blue Banisters". Her Rock Candy Sweet album is due to land on 1 June.