Last week Beyoncé shared a tribute medley for Lyric Chanel, a young 13-year-old fan who died from brain cancer last Friday (5 March).

Beyoncé had previously sent Lyric Chanel a bouquet of flowers in September last year, and uploaded the tribute, which sees Beyoncé singing an a cappella medley of medley of "Brown Skin Girl", "Halo" and "Love on Top", to her website following Chanel's passing.

Over the weekend Chanel's family responded to Beyoncé's tribute video via their daughter's Instagram, writing, "Beyoncé thank you so much. I’m so grateful that Lyric was able to hear you sing to her before she left this world #yhungchanel."

As Billboard notes, towards the end of "Love on Top", Beyoncé switches out the word "baby" for Lyric's name, "Lyric it's you / You're the one I love / And you're the one I need / You're the only thing I see / Come on Lyric it's you."

Visit to see the Lyric Chanel tribute on the homepage.