Back in 2017, Ramsey closed the Band Of Horses chapter, alongside bassist bassist Bill Reynolds.

"A Dream Of Home" is the first taste of his new solo album For The Morning. On the new track, Ramsey shares, "Parts of this record were written on the road, back and forth and on airplanes and in hotels while traveling. Some of it comes from the endless touring and that feeling you get after a while of not knowing where you are, and longing for your home and child. A lot of people see the touring life as glamorous, but there are plenty of times where it’s hard to keep up. It becomes difficult to miss your family that much, and you want to be around your newborn child rather than sitting in a room ten hours away while knowing you won’t be home for three more weeks."

For The Morning is Ramsey's first solo record since 2011's The Valley Wind. Ramsey says, "This album came about in the midst of a lot of change. The birth of my daughter, a move to the country, and the steady realization that I needed to switch the road I was on in my life as a musician and songwriter. I tried to express and balance images of life as a constantly traveling and touring musician with the more connected life I live at home and the time I spend hiking in the mountains where I live."

Ramsey's new record is written and produced by himself, and features harmonies on various tracks from Joan Shelley, Thad Cockrell, and Molly Parden. After making the demos, he went to record the album at La La Land studios in Louisville, Kentucky.


  1. Your Whole Life
  2. A Dream Of Home
  3. White Coat
  4. Breaking A Heart
  5. The Bottom Of The Sea
  6. Firewood
  7. Darkest Clouds
  8. Cheap Summer Dress
  9. Evening Country
  10. For The Morning
"A Dream Of Home" is out now. For The Morning is released 5 April via Fantasy / Virgin EMI. Tyler Ramsey will play London's St. Pancras Old Church on 20 May. Find out more.