Yesterday evening (22 December) Spotify announced that Sheeran's ÷ (Divide) hit "Shape of You" had become the first song on the platform to hit three billion streams.

In a video posted on socials, Sheeran said the milestone is "absolutely insane", and added of the song, "It wasn’t really meant to make the album ... but when I finished making the song, Ben Cook, from my record label was basically saying 'you have to put this on the album, it has to be a single', and I said to him 'I want "Castle On The Hill" to be first single, that's gonna be bigger,' and we agreed to disagree and put both songs out at once and… I was wrong. Here we are with "Shape of You" at three billion."

Earlier this week Ed Sheeran celebrated the one-year anniversary of "Afterglow" with an a capella version.