Today, it was staging a celebration of the life of the late folk musician Nick Drake. As part of this, Nick's sister Gabrielle and the head of the Drake estate Cally Callomon spoke of the legacy of the young troubadour and as the audience swelled to capacity they were treated to a couple of songs by Joseph Lyons, aka Eaves.

Lyons confessed that although he hadn't always been a fan of Nick Drake, he did "love his guitar work and I try to imitate it in any way I can". Lyons then played one of his own songs, "Alone In My Mind", to leave the crowd in silent rapture.  Following this, Lyons then admitted that Drake's Family Tree is "one of my favourite records" and then gave us a gorgeous, considered take on "Been Smoking Too Long". Family Tree also features Gabrielle Drake on one track and although her face was obscured by a large purple hat it's likely she was as moved as the rest of the audience by Eaves' lovely and heartfelt performance.