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Douglas Dare launches Crowdfunder to buy upright piano so he can record at home during the pandemic

11 January 2021, 17:42 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Douglas Dare has launched a Crowdfunder in the hopes of funding an upright piano that will allow him to write and record from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

This afternoon (11 January) Dare shared a link to his new Crowdfunder, which aims to raise £1,450 to pay for an upright piano that will allow Dare to record from home.

Dare writes in the description, "Thank you for taking the time to check out my crowdfunder where I'm asking for your help to buy a piano for my home. COVID hasn't only meant us artist[s] have had to cancel our tours but we are also unable to go in the studio to write or record and this is why I am asking for your help, so I can get a piano in to my house so that I can write, compose and ultimately record from home."

The musician goes onn to answer questions such as why he doesn't have a piano already. Dare writes, "Many of you may be surprised that I don't already have the beloved instrument already in my home but up until now, it hasn't been entirely possible or needed; for the last nine years I have written and recorded all my piano songs on real acoustic instruments in studios, rehearsal rooms and even in the schools where I used to teach. I have never been inspired to write on electric keyboards and up until now, I have only had space in my home for such a keyboard. Whilst I have been able to record demos at home, I have never written a song on my keyboard and now, as we face more time at home, I want (and need) to play a real acoustic, living and breathing piano. I find it is acoustic pianos that inspire me alone and it is detrimental to my livelihood that I am able to write at home. So after getting permission to remove some large furniture from my rented house I am finally able to make space for an upright piano."

On why he's asking for a particular piano, Dare reveals that he needs a piano of "studio quality that is in full working order and sounds good that I can use to record and secondly, I need a piano that is small enough to fit up the very small spiral staircase in to my house and such pianos are much more rare."

He's also shared an image of the desired piano, writing, "I have found the ideal piano, fully restored and only six octaves (considerably smaller than a standard upright). She has a beautiful tone, despite being smaller bodied and will certainly fit up the stairs."

Dare also broke down the £1,450 target amount, "I need to raise £1450, which pays for the restored piano (£1250), the moving of the piano (£150) and a piano stool (£50)."

The musician has launched a number of incentives for those who donate to the Crowdfunder. Those donating £5 can get an unreleased bonus track titled "Behind The Walls", and those putting in £10 or more will get a signed personal postcard from Douglas Dare (as well as "Behind The Walls").

People who put in £45 or more will get handwritten lyrics from any of Dare's three albums, and if anyone donates £200 or more, they will get a unique song composed by Dare on piano, and can pick to include a name or the theme of the song.

Donate to Douglas Dare's piano Crowdfunder at
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