"Heavy" follows on from Dizzy's EP title-track "Twist" that landed in May.

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Katie Munshaw says, ""Heavy" is a song about feeling sad for long periods of time and being afraid to tell others what you’re going through in fear of hurting or worrying them. I wrote it after a span of touring where we’d been away from home for a long time. I think touring is publicly made out to be exciting but often times, for me at least, it can feel monotonous and lonely, and can incite a lot of self-doubt."

Twist follows on from Dizzy's 2018 debut album Baby Teeth.

Speaking to Best Fit last summer about moving on from their debut record, Munshaw said, "We're ready to move on to new topics. I don't give a shit about the guy who broke my heart in high school anymore. There are new experiences to dwell on. New stories to turn into melodies..."

"Heavy" is out now. Dizzy's new EP Twist is expected to land later this summer via Communion Records.