Raskit follows 2013's The Fifth and features production from Darkness, Valentino Khan, Salva, Deputy, Cardo, Heavy Trackerz, Dan Farber, Donae'O, and The Arcade.

"The idea of trying to be my 17-year-old self again just because everyone thinks grime’s landed in their lap this week didn’t satisfy me," Rascal, aka Dylan Mills, says. "I wanted to use what I’ve learned to make the best rap album I could, with no hands in the air moments, just using as much English slang as I could over the best beats I could find."


  1. Focus
  2. Wot U Gonna Do?
  3. Space
  4. I Ain't Even Gonna Lie
  5. The Other Side
  6. Make It Last
  7. Ghost
  8. Business Man
  9. Bop N' Keep It Dippin'
  10. She Knows What She Wants
  11. Dummy
  12. Everything Must Go
  13. Slow Your Roll
  14. Sick A Dis
  15. The Way I Am
  16. Man Of The Hour
Raskit is out 21 July via Dirtee Stank/Island.