What’s in a name? That which we called Diveshall now be known as DIIV.

Frontman Zachary Cole Smith, also of Beach Fossils, explained the change:

“DIVE becomes DIIV. Out of respect for Dirk Ivins and the original Dive, this former DIVE has renamed itself. We’ve not been contacted by Dirk Ivins or his lawyers, but the short of it is that I don’t really give a fuck what the band is called. I originated this project in a bedroom with no internet and didn’t know if it would ever leave the bedroom. “DIVE”, the word, was an element of what inspired the project in its genesis, but we’ve outgrown the name and its associations. The band is the same, the music is the same, the future will always be the same. A name is nothing.”

To celebrate the change the Brooklyn based, atmospheric four-piece have revealed a brand new song called ‘Doused’, whose swirling guitars and insistent basslines can be heard below.

DIIV’s debut record Oshin is out on 26 June via Captured Tracks.