"RTN" is the opening track from Okumu's upcoming instrumental full-length, and was constructed, according to Okumu, "in response to, Duval's [Timothy] piece entitled "Return"."

Okumu explains, "At the beginning, you hear a sample of Duval's piano from the original recording which then merges into a new sonic landscape. Somehow this is what Duval's piece represented to me - a relocation, a spiritual pilgrimage, finding oneself and taking hold in alternate soil. This type of journey is never easy and is usually characterised by twists and turns, I wanted the piece to reflect that feeling."

A press release states that The Invisible founder's debut solo LP is, in part, a homage to J Dilla’s Donuts, and also uses elements of Duval Timothy’s Sen Am album.

Dave Okumu's "RTN" is out now. His debut solo project Knopperz will arrive via Transgressive Records on 24 September.