"Children Of The Internet" is the third track to be lifted from 12 Questions, following "Do We Really Care? Pt. 1", which features Tom Grennan and Tia Carys, and "Do We Really Care? Pt. 2", a collaboration with Simon Armitage.

The new song features London rapper Dave and stage artist and designer Es Devlin.

Smith says of working with Dave, "Dave always comes with the best song titles. "Children Of The Internet" is one of them. We chatted about it in the studio, and I said, ‘That’s great that you can write this from the perspective of being a child of the internet’. He looked at me and said ‘I’m not a child of the internet. That happened when the Xbox One came out - that’s when you didn’t have to be in the same room as the person you were playing against. That’s when we started losing eye contact and human interaction’. I watched Es Devlin’s brilliant TED talk about division, and slowly the idea of asking Es the question ‘Why Are We So Divided When We’re So Connected?’ came to light. "Children Of The Internet" is the answer."

Smith's Future Utopia artist project will feature a huge range of collaborators, inclduing Arlo Parks, Stormzy, Kojey Radical, Easy Life, Idris Elba, Kano, Dan Smith of Bastille, and more.

According to a press release, 12 Questions is based on a series of questions that Smith presents to different collaborators.

He says of the LP, "I made this record not because I could but because I had to - there was no other way to progress. It’s the most ambitious, exciting and terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Creatively, it’s a colourful musical playground - the culmination of everything I’ve learned over my career, from 70’s progressive rock to hip hop. Culturally, it’s a celebration of humanity, whilst shining a light on some of the cruel injustices in the world. I’m so proud and humbled by the hugely diverse group of collaborators who have spoken their truths on the album. I hope the answers will enlighten the listeners and stir debate."

"Children Of The Internet" featuring Dave and Es Devlin is out now. Fraser T Smith's Future Utopia 12 Questions album will be released via Platoon/70Hz on 23 October.