"Parklife" was originally released by Blur in 1994, and is regarded as one of their most iconic tracks, picking up two BRIT Awards in 1995.

This morning (8 April) Joz Norris, a British comedian, actor and writer, shared a two-minute video in the style of an acting audition tape, which sees him recite Blur's "Parklife" lyrics as if it were a dramatic monologue.

Norris' dramatic reading sees him act as if he's nearly crying when reciting Blur's lyrics about feeding the pigeons and sparrows, and how it gives him "a sense of enormous wellbeing".

On Twitter, Norris wrote after sharing the video, "Now cast me in something you cowards!" and also tagged Death in Paradise's Ralf Little in another tweet, adding, "can you get this in front of the DiP guys? I could be a murder victim's sensitive brother who turned out to have done it or something?"

Hopefully Blur will consider Joz Norris in 2024 for a 30th anniversary remix of "Parklife".