The track follows comeback single "Twins", and is out now via Bright Antenna. It features production from Rob Kirwan (PJ Harvey).

"'Bonfire' is based around a pretty simple melody I came up with a few years ago," explains vocalist Daniel McAuley. "I kept being drawn back to it periodically and steadily adding and expanding it until it grew out into a full song. Writing it felt like a meditative task - what I’d imagine knitting a scarf is like. The choir parts were performed by our pals Tonnta, a contemporary choral group from Dublin. The giddiest day of recording for me was probably the first day they came in and sang through their parts. Getting to hear such talented musicians turn all that midi data and notation into music feels like magic. The lyrics have to do with doubt and denial and keeping secrets. They’re very loosely based on an old Irish/Welsh myth about rival tribes trying to find out the secret name of the other’s god in order to defeat them."

Cloud Castle Lake will head out on a North American tour next month - find out more.

The group recently composed an original score for Ballet Átha Cliath, a short film produced and directed by Howard Jones and choreographed by Irish ballerina Zoë Ashe-Browne. You can watch it now.

"Bonfire" is out now.