The two groups united last month for "Weekends", and have today (3 December) returned with the second collaborative track "Francesca".

Discussing the new single, Classixx say, ""Francesca" is a song that we've always wanted to make. Bright poly synths, big resonant drums and an anthemic vocal stack. When Kelcey first sang the verse and chorus melodies softly at a piano, it felt like our opportunity to go for it. It took us a while to finish "Francesca". The framework came together quickly but we really took our time with every sound and section. I'm not sure if it comes across as a carefully crafted production, but I do feel triumphant when I hear it because it sounds just like the song we always imagined."

Classixx say of working with Local Natives, "These two songs were made as a collaboration in the true sense of the word. We met the Local Natives guys at a wedding in Mexico and immediately connected. They're such a vibrant live band and it was important to us that their musicianship and vocal harmony came through. The tunes were a group effort and it was a privilege to work on them together, it felt like being a part of a small community."

"Francesca" by Classix and Local Natives is out now via Innovative Leisure.