"Ann's Jam" is the first single from the four-piece since 2017's "Dull".

Chastity Belt's self-titled album will be their first since 2017's I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone.

Vocalist Julia Shapiro says of their new album, "I feel like this record is a really good representation of who we all are, and I feel like we're at a point where we've really come into our own. We're more us than ever."

Last month Shapiro released her debut solo record Perfect Vision.


  1. Ann's Jam
  2. Elena
  3. Effort
  4. Rav-4
  5. It Takes Time
  6. Apart
  7. Half-Hearted
  8. Split
  9. Drown
  10. Pissed Pants
"Ann's Jam" is out now. Chastity Belt will be released 20 September via Hardly Art. Chastity Belt play London's Islington Assembly Hall on 24 October. Find out more.