After sharing demos, instrumentals, multiple artwork choices, and more with fans over the past few days, Charli XCX has shared "Forever", the first single from her new album How I'm Feeling Now.

The new single saw Charli XCX collaborate with PC Music's A. G. Cook.

How I'm Feeling Now will be created with the help of collaborators and fans. When announcing the album, Charli XCX revealed, "I’ll also be reaching out to people online to collaborate with. And I’m going to keep the entire process super open so that anybody who wants to watch can. I’ll be posting demos, I’ll be posting a cappellas, text conversations with any collaborators. I’ll be filming myself in the studio, I’ll be doing Zoom conferences to ask fans or anyone watching for opinions or ideas. I’m going to set up an email address so that fans or anyone can send me beats or references."

During a Zoom conference on 7 April, Charli XCX revealed her dream collaborations for the LP would be Grimes, Rebecca Black, and Caroline Polachek.

"Forever" is out now. Charli XCX's How I'm Feeling Now album will be released 15 May.