Last Thursday (21 May), Jepsen dropped her Dedicated Side B album as a surprise, and when she shared the album on Twitter, she wrote, "I owe yah one...or like two albums turns out."

In a new episode of the Switched On Pop podcast (around the 39:10 mark), Jepsen is asked about what she's been working on recently, to which she replies, "Tavish [Crowe] and I have already made an entire quarantine album, and it is very different, it’s kind of fun! We had to do it around Zoom or things like that so it’s been like a challenge but a really fun one! You kind of write differently that way."

She adds, "You have more time to have space inbetween the decisions you're making and more time to kind of be away from the song for a minute, so I find it to be a whole new style of going at it, and I like it."

The latest Switched On Pop podcast episode featuring Carly Rae Jepsen is out now.