UPDATE: Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo has officially announced the new version of Twin Fantasy, and shared a new video for the updated edit of "Nervous Young Inhumans".

We've already had a beefed-up edit of "Beach Life-In-Death" which first teased the new venture, showing off a sound fleshed out by a seven-piece band (including members of Naked Giants).

“[Twin Fantasy] was never a finished work,” Toledo explains of the revamped Twin Fantasy. “It wasn’t until last year that I figured out how to finish it.”

The SRC Vinyl blurb goes on to add more info: "He has, now, the benefit of a bigger budget, a full band in fine form, and endless time to tinker. According to him, it took eight months of mixing just to get the drums right. But this is no shallow second take, sanitized in studio and scrubbed of feeling. This is the album he always wanted to make. It sounds the way he always wanted it to sound. It’s been hard, stepping into the shoes of his teenage self, walking back to painful places."

Car Seat Headrest will embark on a lengthy tour in the spring, including a show at London's Roundhouse. Find out more.

The new version of Twin Fantasy will follow 2016's Teens Of Denial.


  1. My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
  2. Beach Life-In-Death
  3. Stop Smoking (We Love You)
  4. Sober To Death
  5. Nervous Young Inhumans
  6. Bodys
  7. Cute Thing
  8. High To Death
  9. Famous Prophets (Stars)
  10. Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)
Twin Fantasy is re-released 16 February 2018 via Matador.